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Handmade, locally sourced gifts are a special way to show appreciation and love. This year, the care and consideration we put into gift giving feels even more important. At Chilton, we believe there’s no better gift than one that ignites the senses and grounds us in local craft.

Our team is excited to share our favorite Chilton accessories, from the soy candles we burn in our showrooms and homes to the Maine made mugs from which we drink our morning brew. 

FollowMe Portable Lamp

Portable lamp on blanket at beach at night“Follow me to the beach, to camp, to the dining table for a family dinner or to a cozy nook for reading.  I like the FollowMe lamp as it is versatile, warm and fun.  I’m giving one to my mom to take to the beach at night!”
- Pam, Accounting 

“I love the FollowMe because it casts great light and is cordless. It was a life saver during a three day power outage; we charged it in our car and huddled around it and played games when it got dark. I'd give this light to anyone, it's stylish and utilitarian.”  

- Eleanor, Sales Associate and Head of Service

Glowing FollowMe lamp on floor next to game board
The FollowMe and FollowMe Plus are in stock and available in our showrooms or they can be ordered online. The lamp is portable, rechargeable and the LED bulb has three dimmer settings.

Wooden Bowls turned by Peter Asselyn

Some of the most personal gifts are those that have been hand-made. Not only are you supporting someone’s craft and artistry, you’re also giving the gift of something truly unique. Peter Asselyn’s beautiful bowls offer both this holiday season and I’m excited to pick one out for my boyfriend Nick!”
-Megan, Sales Associate                                                         

Cherry wooden bowl with brown pears inside    Christmas scene with wooden bowl filled with sugar dusted cranberries on evergreen bough

Peter’s bowls come in a variety of sizes and wood types, and each is totally unique. These bowls are available and on display in all of our three showrooms. Each is individually priced. 

Sheepskin Throws

“Genuine sheepskins are so cozy and comforting. I have lots in my apartment and even keep one in my car for chilly morning drives! I’m giving a soft white throw to my friend who is expecting a baby soon, I think it will be a perfect addition to her little nursery.”
-Abby, Sales Associate

                                                            Sheepskin rug on floor beneath cozy wood fire    Stack of white and brown sheepskins on walnut dining chair

Sheepskins are one of our favorite textural elements used in each of our showrooms. Available in our Freeport, Portland and Scarborough showrooms and online.

Soy Candles from East End Wax Co.

Lit candle next to bubble bath

"The holidays are the perfect time to give the gift of relaxation to someone you love. I like to bundle a nice bubble bath with a cozy candle like the earthy yet fresh scent of the Leaf Peeper soy candle. It's the perfect invitation for my mom to unwind after a tiring week teaching 2nd graders."
-Liesel, Sales and Marketing

Stack of four candles in amber jars
Come smell these lovely East End Wax Co. candles in all three of our  showrooms, or find them on our website. Available in eight scents, including a new Christmas in Maine scent, and two jar colors.

Bicoca Portable Lamp

“This small, portable lamp is perfect for reading anywhere in my apartment. I like to read all over the house and the floor and table lamps are not always able to reach some sides of the rooms. The best thing about the Bicoca is the three brightness settings and all the cool colors. My personal favorite is the light blue!”
-Zac, Scarborough and Portland Showroom Manager

Red Bicoca lamp in Christmas gift bag
Portable, rechargeable, and dimmable, the Bicoca Lamp comes in a handful of beautiful colors. This lamp is now discontinued and available at a discount in our clearance barn at our Freeport Showroom.

Pottery from Buckland Ceramics

Chestnuts in white ceramic bowl on table“They say locally grown food can connect us to our community, and I think the same can be said of pottery. Each of these hand thrown pieces incorporates grains of sand harvested locally, resulting in a variety of unique patterns and textures and offering a pretty direct connection to the land. I’m gifting two mugs to family friends living abroad. “
-Jen, Co-Owner

Hand thrown ceramic espresso cups and vase    Green textured ceramic vase with sprig of red berries

Brian Buckland’s pottery is on display in all showrooms. Each one of a kind piece comes to life in person. If you cannot make the trip to experience his pieces, you can find our in stock pieces here.

Evangeline Linens Throw Blankets

“I love these blankets because of how cozy they are, as well as their simple beauty. I’m going to give one to my sister, Caroline, as a gift to keep her warm while she is studying!”
-Alexandra, Sales Associate 

Stack of soft blankets   Checkered blanket wrapped around girl holding coffee cup

Woven from the fur of alpacas, Merino sheep, and Angora goats, these throws are silky soft and luxurious. The Alpaca and Mohair throws are available in a variety of solid colors and the Merino throws come in three checkered patterns. Find your favorite in any of our showrooms or reserve online.

Shaker Candle Holder

“The Shaker Candle Holder is a classic decoration. I love using it on my holiday dinner tables and I appreciate how easy it is to store when the season is over. My guests love it too - I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, I’d gift it to anyone!”
-Wanda, Delivery Coordinator 

Wooden candle holder lit on table in dark room
The Shaker Candle Holder fans out as a beautiful centerpiece and nests together for easy storage. It can be found in our Freeport and Scarborough showrooms, or online here.

Portable Dipping Lamp

Portable dipping lamp in Christmas gift bag

“The Dipping Light is a unique and versatile lighting solution, and it makes a great gift. It has three brightness settings so it can be used for subtle mood lighting or provide enough light to read by. I really like the new cordless, portable ones - I’d give one to any of my friends!”
-Aaron, Freeport Showroom Manager 

The portable Dipping Lamp is in stock and available in our showrooms or they can be ordered online. The lamp is portable, rechargeable and the LED bulb has three dimmer settings.
   Three portable dipping lamps in white, blue and orange

As always, the Chilton team is happy to answer any questions and help with orders. You can find our showroom information here, or chat with a team member on our website. 

We wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season! 



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