Chilton's Thompson Collection

CHilton's Thompson Line

Chilton is extremely proud to present a line of exclusive chairs and stools and tables designed by fine furniture maker Peter Thompson and built for Chilton by W. A. Mitchell Fine Furniture of Farmington, Maine. The unique lines found in Peter’s designs are inspired by his intense love for Maine’s natural beauty and the visual contrasts of New England’s changing seasons. Peter’s work is also greatly influenced by growing up in different cultures from Africa to Europe. A common theme that runs through his designs is the use of curves that create movement appealing to the eye. Also of paramount importance to Peter is that the chairs and stools he designs be as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Peter’s design skills were honed over years of experience building pieces for two of the most accomplished Shaker furniture makers on the East coast, including W. A. Mitchell. Although contemporary in style, the Thompson line reflects time honored Shaker craftsmanship. Each piece is worked up by hand from rough hardwood boards that Mitchell selects and assembles using primarily traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Many of the chair and stool designs include wedged and pinned front leg tenons that highlight the joinery within the seat.

Peter’s work has been award winning at fine furniture shows and has been juried into the Philadelphia Fine Furniture Show and into Taunton Press Fine Woodworking publications. W. A. Mitchell is a Maine institution known for their beautiful designs and exceptional craftsmanship in Windsor and Shaker inspired wood furniture.

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