Ikebana Planter

Ikebana Planter

$ 30.00

Chilton's Ikebana Planter is a unique and special gift for delighting the important people in your life. Perfect for "thank you's", Personal Assistant's Day, Mother's Day, holidays, birthdays and housewarming gifts--order a few and always be ready when the occasion arises.

Handmade in Maine and available in a variety of wood species, our Ikebana comes with a small ceramic vessel held in place magnetically.  Within the vessel is a frog to hold stems in place.  

$30 for one, $25 for 2 or more.  Prices include shipping.


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Chilton has consistently made us happy, with their always helpful and cheerful attitude, both with major furniture purchases that will serve our family well beyond our lifetimes, and with small but beautifully crafted items such as the ikebana pot on a simple cherry base, which even now is gracing my table with a single sesangua camellia branch with one perfect blossom and glossy leaves. I also gave one to a dear friend who adores it. We love any excuse to visit Chilton.

Posted 2 months ago