Rolling Pins

Rolling Pins

$ 35.00

French pastry chefs rely on this classic tool for rolling out thin, uniform circles of pie or tart dough. Our local builder prides himself in “yankee pragmatism” and believes in never letting good wood go to waste. Here, he uses smaller cuttings from his fine furniture creations to develop these rolling pins. Classic handle-free design. Tapering pin can be pivoted to create a perfect round of pastry. Handcrafted in Maine of Birdseye, Spalted or Tiger maple, and of course, cherry. Hand rubbed with food grade mineral oil.

Dimensions - Diameter 1.5" x 17.5L

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Joyce M

I have a pine rolling pine like this that we called a 'french rolling pin'. It's 40 years old. It's a superior rolling pin, much better that the thick clumsy regular ones. I haven't been able find these anywhere. The one I bought is made of cherry, it's wonderful.

Posted 9 months ago