Saddle Seat Stools

Saddle Seat Stool

$ 265.00

These distinctive stools are extremely comfortable. The cut-out finger openings make them easy to handle, and the metal swivel allows for easy movement. Available in 24-inch and 30-inch heights.  Built in solid cherry.

The Saddle Seat Stool is usually available in-stock as part of our Quick-Ship program.

Dmensions -
21"W x 13"D x 26"H (counter height)
21"W x 13"D x 31"H (bar height)

4.67 Average

3 Reviews


I bought mine 7 years ago because they are unique and beautiful. Even after all these years or average use they look amazing. I moved and with the new kitchen counter I need another one. Highly recommend this item


We have had these stools in our home for years no just ordered more for a new condo. These handsome stools wear beautifully. We love the fact that they swivel, and they easily slide under a counter. We have had our for 5+ years, and they look new.


I love everything about them, the wood, the workmanship, the comfort, but I wish it returned to center automatically after twisting so that you don't have to straighten them when someone leaves them by twisting off. Hope that makes sense.