FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


When was Chilton founded?  What is the story behind Chilton?

Thank you for asking.  You can learn all about Chilton’s history here.

Do you have retail showrooms?  Where are they located?

Yes, we have two showrooms located in Freeport and Scarborough, Maine.  Please click here for more information.

Are Chilton’s Freeport and Scarborough showrooms under common ownership?
Are the two showrooms the same?

Both of our showrooms are under common ownership, and team members at either one can assist you with ordering any Chilton standard or custom piece.

Our showrooms typically display similar items but with subtle differences.  For example, our Freeport store has the Chilton Freeport “Barn” – an adjacent building open spring through fall that contains most of our clearance items, typically at a significant discount.  We also often experiment with new products and designs in either one store or the other to gauge customer interest.  So be sure to periodically visit both of our stores to see our full range of offerings. 

Are “Chilton Furniture” and “Chilton Furniture of Maine” the same company?

Yes.  Our furniture is delivered nation-wide, and in other states there are furniture companies who operate under a similar name.  Therefore outside of Maine, we often do business as or are referred to as “Chilton Furniture of Maine.”  Locally, we are simply known as “Chilton Furniture” or “Chiltons.”

Where can I read customer feedback and reviews about Chilton?

We publish customer reviews here. In addition, customers have reviewed Chilton on Google, Facebook, Houzz and Yelp.


Where is Chilton Furniture made?

The majority of our furniture is made in Maine in small workshops, including, our Shaker, Modern (Union, Acadia, Foundation) and Cottage collections. Our Tappan chairs are crafted in New Hampshire and our Penobscot lines are made in Vermont. Most of our Arts and Crafts furniture is crafted in the Midwest. All Chilton furniture is made in America.

Can your pieces come in other woods and finishes?

Yes, most of our pieces are available in other woods and finishes from those shown.  If you do not see the selection you are looking for as a choice on our website, please call toll free at 866-883-3366 and one of our associates will walk through the wood and finish options available, as well as the price differences, if any.

How should I care for my fine wood furniture?

Most of our furniture has a protective varnish that requires very little maintenance.  Gently use a very soft cloth to dust. If absolutely necessary, use a damp cloth.  To shine, if required, use only a wax-free polish.

For our Tappan Chair line, please refer to care instructions here. A small selection of our original Thompson line have a wax finish on them.  Please call us at 866-883-3366 for recommendations on care for wax finishes.

Is Chilton furniture built by Shakers?

No, the Shakers have not built furniture in several decades.  However, several of our pieces are inspired by the timeless understated beauty of original Shaker design.  In addition, Chilton is extremely proud of its collaboration with the Shakers of Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village to help them re-introduce classic Shaker pieces in support of The Shaker Society, including the Alfred Chair, which you can read about here.

What is the difference between a Standard and a Platform Bed?  Which is preferable?

For a description of the differences between a Standard and a Platform bed and the advantages and disadvantages of each, please see our blog, Standard or Platform Bed?

Why does my furniture need to be built? How long will it take?

We always keep a selection of our most popular furniture in stock. However, with hundreds of pieces to choose from, each one available in multiple sizes and wood types, it is more common that we will be building your furniture for you upon order.

Typical build times are 10 to 12 weeks, plus delivery. However, we work with a network of smaller shops and during busy periods, build times can run longer. We will always provide you with our best estimate of the build times for your furniture at the time of order.