Warranty & Service

Lifetime Warranty

We believe in the quality and craftsmanship of our wood furniture, which is why we offer a warranty for the lifetime of its original owner on any item purchased after August 26th, 2022. In the event of either a flaw in the construction or a failure of the materials, we will repair or replace the piece at our discretion (Items discontinued from our product line will be repaired or replaced with a similar item at our discretion). Please note, there are some limited exclusions which are set forth below.


If a problem arises, please contact service@chiltons.com, with a description of the problem and photos highlighting the defect, as this will help us best determine the right course of action. If you are not able to reach out via email, please call a showroom and ask to speak with our service team. The customer will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with the transport of the furniture to be repaired or replaced. If we determine that the cause of the damage was a flaw in the construction, we may reimburse you for shipping and handling costs at our discretion. It is always our goal to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and are fully satisfied with their purchase.


Our warranty does not cover a defect in furniture after it has been inspected and signed for by a customer unless it becomes evident at a later date, and was not visible or in existence at the time of pickup or delivery. Construction defects typically present themselves almost immediately, so we ask customers to do a careful inspection at the time of pickup or delivery to ensure that your furniture is free of any flaws. 

This warranty does not cover damage due to regular use and wear and tear. Should cosmetic damage arise during the course of your ownership, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the maintenance or care of your furniture, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@chiltons.com. We will provide a quote on any repair and pickup or delivery charges that may apply, or we will do our best to help you with finding a local service that can assist with restoration.

Damage caused by improper care, neglect, misuse, extreme changes in ambient humidity or temperature, and color changes due to exposure to sunlight, are not covered under this warranty. Please see our Furniture Care page for guidance on how to properly care for your furniture.

Items with upholstery are covered by a limited lifetime warranty of 7 years, due to the naturally shorter lifespan of upholstery materials. COM is excluded from this warranty. Parts with a limited lifespan will not be covered beyond the end of their lifetime, e.g. light kits.

Customizations that affect the structural integrity of a piece may void this warranty. 

This warranty does not cover clearance items, which are final sale and sold in “as is” condition.

This warranty does not cover lighting or accessories.

Natural Variations in the Wood

Our furniture is designed and handcrafted to celebrate the warmth, texture and natural beauty of wood. As a natural material, wood often presents organic markings such as mineral deposits, pitch pockets, and a variety of grain patterns. We encourage our craftsmen to allow such variations to make their way into the final product in order to create a unique expression of the natural material and to reduce waste. We do not view these markings as flaws but as a sign of authenticity. Read about the natural characteristics of wood in our blog Characteristics of Natural Hardwood Furniture.