Nàdair opens in Atlanta with seating from Chilton

Chef Kevin Gillespie is a family man. The 2022 James Beard Award finalist named his Glenwood Park restaurant Gunshow as a tribute to his father; his newest venture celebrates his Scottish heritage, particularly paying tribute to his father and grandmother. Named Nadair (“nuh-DARE”), it means “way of nature” and focuses on cooking over an open fire. Like the food, the decor will nod to Gillespie’s heritage. The furniture will be a combination of contemporary Scottish and handmade classic Shaker-inspired pieces from Chilton Furniture in New England.

Read the article:The culmination of his life’s work, Kevin Gillespie opens Nàdair in Woodland Hills on May 22

Boston Chair in Nadair restaurant

Shop the Boston Chair and Boston Stool


Photography: Dominique White
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