Wood Species

At Chilton, we offer many of our pieces in a variety of wood species options. All pieces are built using only sustainably sourced domestic hardwoods including cherry, clear maple, walnut, ash, white oak and quarter-sawn white oak. Wood options are limited based on piece and builder. We invite you to explore the wood options below to find what works best for you and your home.  

CherryMapleWalnutAshWhite OakQuarter-Sawn White OakJanka Hardness

To order physical wood samples, please contact our showrooms in Scarborough and Freeport. 



Natural cherry wood sample

The "standard" wood option for most Chilton Furniture pieces, and most frequently shown in the showrooms and on chiltons.com, is also one of the most sought after hardwoods.

Cherry wood begins as a light straw color and, through a natural aging process, darkens to a warm, rich reddish brown. The grain pattern is smooth and close grained. Common characteristics include dark pitch and moments of stunning curly figuring. 

As Seen on Furniture 
Shaker Dining Table in CherryMS1 Bed in CherryChilton Spindle Chair in CherryBethel Chest in CherryChilton Shaker Desk in Cherry



Natural maple wood sample

Maple is one of the only woods where sapwood (the newest tree growth) is the most commonly used, which begins light and bright with a few pink and grey tones, and gradually darkens to a golden honey color through a natural aging process. The grain is very smooth and uniform, however, at times Chilton offers specialty figured maple patterns like the birdseye, curly and spalted maple shown below. 

Birdseye Maple  Curly maple bench Spalted maple wood sample
As Seen on Furniture 
Harbor Dining Table in maple woodMysa Bed in MapleSaco Chair in MapleFoundation Dresser in Maple



Natural walnut wood sample

With its dark, rich tones, walnut is a very popular option to make your furniture stand out in a space. The color ranges from chocolate brown with tints of purple, grey and red to a lighter pale brown or blonde in the sapwood. The natural aging process isn't quite as dramatic as other woods we offer, and rather than darkening over time, walnut will gradually lighten, taking on notes of honey throughout. Walnut is straight grained with wavy moments that enhance the character of the wood. 

As Seen on Furniture 
Kopi Dining Table inWalnutAcadia Bed in WalnutBridgton Chair in WalnutAcadia Nightstand in WalnutMS1 Desk in Walnut



Natural ash wood sample

Ash is a beautiful, lightweight, coarse grain wood, however, only a few pieces at Chilton are offered in ash. The wood is a light beige to medium brown color that will slightly darken overtime from the natural aging process. The color is fairly consistent between heartwood and sapwood and ash can often resemble white oak. We offer a few of our pieces in black painted ash in order to showcase the strong grain visible through the paint.

As Seen on Furniture 
Round Stool in AshBoston Chair in Ash and WalnutBoston Chair in Ash Painted Black


White Oak

Natural white oak wood sample

White oak is all about the unique grain pattern which makes it fairly recognizable. The grain is coarse and uneven with rays that run alongside that can look like elongated pencil markings. The color is beige to brown, often picking up an amber or olive hue. White oak is dense, heavy and durable. 

As Seen on Furniture 
Revelry Dining Table in White OakBoston Chair in White OakFoundation Nightstand in White Oak


Quarter-Sawn White Oak

Natural quarter-sawn white oak wood sample

From the same tree as flat-sawn white oak, quarter-sawn oak (QS white oak) is simply a reference to the angle at which the wood was cut. QS white oak will have even finer and straighter grain lines and prominently displayed ray fleck patterns (the lines cutting across the grain at an angle). 

QS white oak can be used naturally with the same beige to brown color as flat-sawn white oak, or it can be stained. Chilton most commonly uses a dark stain called Enfield, often associated with mission style furniture.

As Seen on Furniture 
Monhegan Dining Table in Quarter-Sawn White Oak with Enfield Stain Fika Chair in Quarter-Sawn White Oak Mission Chest in Quarter-Sawn White Oak with Enfield StainJunior Executive Desk in Quarter-Sawn White Oak


Janka Hardness

In addition to color and texture, another factor that some consider is durability. Each Chilton piece is protected with a durable clear finish, however, the wood itself is comparatively more or less dent resistant depending on its Janka rating. View the graph below to see where each of the woods Chilton Furniture offers ranks. The higher the Janka Score, the more dense and durable the wood. Keep in mind that we provide this chart to compare relative hardness. Every piece we offer is crafted using wood classified as hardwood, which is well-suited for home furnishing. 

Janka test density of wood

White Glove Delivery

Chilton offers nation-wide white glove delivery service, which means that your furniture will be carefully blanket wrapped, transported to your home, carried inside, and assembled, as needed. Your charge is a flat rate based upon delivery distance from Maine, and includes an unlimited number of pieces (a particularly good value for larger orders). Delivery times can take between two and nine weeks, depending on location and distance from our Maine warehouse. For deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, or otherwise outside of the continental US, please call our showrooms to inquire about delivery options.

We are currently offering a free or reduced delivery offer for larger orders.  Please see details below.*

Chilton Delivery Map

"The delivery service was wonderful. All the furniture was wrapped to protect it from any damage. Chris and Chad did a great job unwrapping and carefully assembled and set everything up where we wanted it ... They did a great clean up afterwards. They made sure that we were happy with the furniture and its positioning before they would leave. Thank you!" - Tom & Cathy K.
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Orders Up To $3000: $129
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Northern Maine
Orders Up To $3000: $345
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Orders over $6000: FREE
Orders Up To $3000: $195
Orders $3001-$6000: $65
Orders over $6000: FREE
Orders Up To $3000: $345
Orders $3001-$6000: $215
Orders over $6000: FREE
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* Please note that this free or reduced delivery offer cannot be combined with other sales, discounts or promotions.

Delivery Costs for Lighting and Home Accessories

When lighting and home accessories are ordered along with furniture, the delivery expense is included in the cost of the furniture delivery. When ordered separately, the delivery cost for lighting is a flat $45 for an unlimited number of lighting pieces. The delivery cost for smaller home accessories is $9.95 per item (Buckland Ceramics, Wooden Bowls, Shaker Peg Racks, Soy Candles, Sheepskin Throws, Woven Throws and Candle Holders).


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