Core Values

Core Purpose

Creating wood furniture we believe in, working with partners we respect, and building a company our team members are passionate about.

Our Values

OUR TEAM - We are passionate about working to build a better life and a secure retirement for our team members.

DESIGN - We are committed to offering wood furniture in a distinctive voice.

QUALITY AND VALUE - We will provide only quality furniture that is built to last, at prices offering an excellent value for the materials and workmanship offered.

MADE IN AMERICA — COMMITTED TO MAINE - we are committed to offering furniture that is made in America, while producing as much as possible in the state of  Maine.

HONESTY - We are committed to honesty in our sales process, and in the production of our furniture.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - We believe that by adhering to all of our values listed above, we can offer an exceptional experience to our customers. And when we fall short, we are committed to always making things right.