Square Manufacturing Co.

Square Manufacturing Co.

Chilton Furniture partnered with Square Manufacturing Co., based in Lewiston, Maine, in 2020 and has quickly become our go-to builder for prototyping new designs and producing many of our newest collections, like our Union CollectionNavarend Collection and Nautilus Lounge Chair.

Team of six men in work clothes posed standing and sitting in their wood workshop

Our Newest Builder

When you reflect back, you can probably think of a few key moments that really made a difference in your life. For Chilton, one of those moments was when we met our furniture designer, Adam. He understood our vision, worked with us to clarify our design principles, and then helped us to bring new collections to life. Another one of those moments was when Adam reunited with two of his friends and former colleagues, Peter Basil and Garrett Jacobs, to create a new wood furniture production shop—Square Manufacturing Co.

Selcting woodwood componentsunderside of Union Dining TablePete and Garett of Square Manufacturing Co.