Payment Methods

Chilton Furniture accepts all major credit cards. PayPal, Cash, checks or Chilton Gift Cards are also accepted. There are no COD’s. All items must be paid in full before pick-up or delivery. If items are to be delivered, payment must be made once we notify you that your order is complete and your furniture is ready for delivery. If payment is by check or cash, it must be received before the order is released for delivery.

Cancellation / Return Policy

You may return any non-custom purchase for up to 30 days after pickup or delivery. We understand that you may need some time to live with your furniture to determine whether it suits your needs. If the purchase is returned to us in new condition during that time, you will receive a refund of your purchase price less shipping or delivery charges, if applicable, and a 5% service charge. Non-custom orders can also be cancelled at any time prior to initiation of delivery for a 5% service charge.

Custom orders may only be cancelled within two business days of placing the order, subject also to a 5% service charge. After two days, there are no cancellations or returns of custom orders. In all cases, you must pay return shipping or delivery charges. If an item to be returned must be picked up, please contact 207-883-3366. Please note that clearance items may not be returned.

Why does Chilton charge a 5% service charge on cancellations or returns? The service charge covers Chilton for the approximate 3% credit card fee we are charged at the time of order, and which is not refundable to us. Also, after two days, Chilton is responsible for purchasing the furniture from our builders (we cannot cancel), and the service charge helps to offset some of the cost of holding additional furniture in our inventory until it is sold to another customer.

Importantly, we believe that our service charge is the absolute lowest in our industry. Typically, furniture company service charges are between 15% and 35% of the purchase price. Chilton takes a loss on every return or cancellation, however, we have maintained this policy because over time, we have tended to have very few cancellations and returns.

Chilton's Policy Regarding Sales

It is common in the furniture industry to inflate everyday prices, and then to have frequent "sales" with large markdowns that are really just reducing the furniture back to a fair price. At Chilton, we believe in everyday fair pricing, and our regular prices are typically at-or-below the "sale" prices for other American made wood furniture companies. A few times per year, we offer a broad sale at modest markdowns (typically no more than 10%) to provide an incentive for customers to visit our showrooms or look over our website to see our newest designs. Sale pricing is offered only during official sales. This is done out of fairness to customers who have waited for a sale, and who will typically experience longer wait times for their furniture to be built due to higher order volumes.

We also offer a year-round discount Donation Program - this promotion is only available during non-sale periods. With our Donation Program, along with everyday fair pricing policy, customers can rest at ease knowing they are getting a fair value no matter when they choose to shop.

Additional Policies

Warranty & Service