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Characteristics of Natural Hardwood Furniture

One noteworthy feature of hardwood furniture is the unique character observable in each board milled and selected for use by the craftsman. Natural factors affecting a tree, such as growth, insects and site conditions, can each leave their signature on the wood and tell a rich story of the living material from which each piece of furniture is built.

What Are the Characteristics of Shaker Furniture?

Does form follow function, or function follow form? It’s an age-old debate in design. For the Shakers, there was no debate. Form firmly followed function. But what soon became apparent was that, with the Shakers, form following function led to a simple, timeless aesthetic.

5 Benefits of Buying Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture

Wood furniture has stood the test of time. The history of furniture has always included wood, and its continued use today can be attributed to wood’s timeless charm and integrity. Read on to learn about the benefits of hardwood furniture and why it has endured centuries and trends and is still a classic material used today.

Product Spotlight: Shelving

While the definition of a bookcase is a piece of furniture consisting of shelves to hold books, we all know it is much more. At Chilton Furniture, we have added a number of new originally designed shelving options to bring this piece of furniture to life in your home.

Holiday Traditions in the Dining Room

Holidays fill the entire home with warmth and love. For the Chilton Furniture team, the most impactful family holiday traditions are made in the dining room. Read about our fondest memories and favorite traditions around the dining table below.

Preparation Tips for Seamless Furniture Delivery

Purchasing new furniture is a milestone moment. Before settling your furniture into its new home, read through our preparation recommendations to make delivery as seamless as possible.

What We're Giving

Handmade, locally sourced gifts are a special way to show appreciation and love. Our team is excited to share our favorite Chilton accessories in this gift guide, from the soy candles we burn in our showrooms and homes to the Maine made mugs from which we drink our morning brew.

New Product Spotlight: Originally Designed Dining Furniture for the Holidays

Though there is a heavy shadow over holiday celebrations this year, at Chilton, we are finding strength by continuing to do what we love as safely as we can. We recently opened a new showroom in Portland, Maine and have continued to leverage our local designer and maker partnerships to expand our offering of original designs by introducing four new dining...

Why does wood change color?

Just as our skin is affected by sunny beach trips and drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day, wood, too, responds to its environment. Once a living, breathing tree, natural wood furniture will continue to evolve even after the last edge is sanded and corner finished. One of the coolest phenomena is the continuing aging process of wood...

What does “Scandinavian Inspired” Mean?

At Chilton, we do not try to imitate designs born in Scandinavian countries and then call our pieces “Scandinavian style”. When I say ours are inspired by Scandinavian design, I’m referring to our appreciation of and agreement with the general philosophy of Scandinavian design. 

A New Beginning

If you’re a Mainer or long time follower of Chilton Furniture Co., you may have noticed some changes in recent years.  Almost five years ago, ownership of our two stores, located in Freeport and Scarborough, ME changed hands, and we began an evolution from a furniture store celebrating traditional styles to a design-led brand offering a selection of traditional and...

Happy New Year from Chilton Furniture

Happy New Year! Thank you for helping to make 2018 a successful year for Chilton. We experienced several important milestones in 2018, including:

Adding 'Hygge' to your Home

Chilton owners Jen and Jared Levin offer tips on how furniture can help you Hygge up your home this winter.

Conventional or Platform Bed?

All mattresses require a certain amount of underside support to ensure proper comfort and compliance with mattress manufacturer warranties. We are frequently asked about the difference between a "conventional" (requiring a box spring) or a "platform" bed frame, and whether one is better than the other.


To come up with their fresh, modern designs, Jen and Jared Levin, of Chilton Furniture, draw inspiration from a 300-year-old religious sect.