New Product Spotlight: Originally Designed Dining Furniture for the Holidays

Though there is a heavy shadow over holiday celebrations this year, at Chilton, we are finding strength by continuing to do what we love as safely as we can. We recently opened a new showroom in Portland, Maine and have continued to leverage our local designer and maker partnerships to expand our offering of original designs by introducing four new dining tables, alongside complimentary dining furniture this holiday season.

Curve of Highland Dining Table in walnut
The Highland Dining Table features round ends, each with a generous overhang. The shape of the table provides an engaging view from every angle while the steam bent apron beneath adds structure while providing depth and emphasizing the form. To accommodate additional seating, this table is offered in an extension version as well. 
Available in cherry, maple, walnut and white oak. 
Shaker Heirloom Table with large overhangs in solid cherry

The Shaker Heirloom Dining Table is our interpretation of a classic Shaker table. The traditional, simple lines are complemented by ample overhangs and tapered legs. Small maple pins visible on the legs add a touch of character, but more importantly, hold the tenon in place, increasing the integrity of the joint.
Available in cherry, maple, walnut and white oak.

Harbor Dining Table in cherry with Concord chairs in minimal room with wooden beam table
The Harbor Dining Table is a visible commentary on the possibility of aligning strength and elegance. Finger joints, the joinery on all four corners of the table, are among the most secure joints in woodworking. Rather than hiding this structural element, the legs wrap around the table top to celebrate this strength, revealing the alternating pattern of the wood’s lighter face grain and darker end grain. The dimensions of the leg lead the eye vertically to highlight the joinery moment.
Available in cherry, maple, walnut and white oak.

Harbor Dining Table in solid white oak from Chilton FurnitureFinger joinery on corner of walnut Harbor Dining Table from Chilton Furniture in Maine
Modern spindle chair with round crest in cherry wood
Our latest interpretation of a classic spindle, the Concord Chair, paired above with both the Highland and Harbor Dining Tables, represents our modern take on a traditional chair form. The streamlined profile, highlighted by a curved round crest rail, elevates, but does not distract from, any table. 
Available in cherry, walnut, white oak and ash painted black.
Mid-century modern Fjord Dining Table with angled legs in walnut
Fjord Dining Table is defined by its angles. Slanted round tapered legs echo the angled cut of the apron. Coordinating sideboards, available in two sizes, mimic the apron and leg angles. 
Available in cherry, maple, walnut and white oak.
Large mid-century style Fjord Sideboard in walnut with long angled legsMid-century style Fjord Sideboard in white oak with short angled legs

We are proud of our new designs and love to imagine families enjoying dinner and creating memories around these tables. As the holidays approach, we sincerely hope that you are able to share a meal with loved ones and create some memories of your own.  

If you are looking to upgrade your dining table before Thanksgiving, we can help you out. There are a few varieties in stock, including the Shaker Heirloom Dining Table, Harbor Dining Table, Shaker Dining Table, and Acadia Dining Table. Please contact or visit us in Freeport, Portland, or Scarborough.  


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