5 Benefits of Buying Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture

Wood furniture has stood the test of time. The history of furniture has always included wood, and its continued use today can be attributed to wood’s timeless charm and integrity. Read on to learn about the benefits of hardwood furniture and why it has endured centuries and trends and is still a classic material used today.

1. Aesthetic

Wood furniture has a natural charm that cannot be replicated. Each board has a unique character with dynamic grain patterns, depth, and varying tones. At Chilton Furniture we believe in celebrating the warmth, texture and natural beauty of wood. Additionally, wood furniture in the home brings a piece of the outdoors in to keep us grounded and connected to nature.

2. Durability

No stability is compromised by the visual appeal of wood. Solid hardwoods are exceptionally durable and built to last generations. Chilton Furniture offers handcrafted furniture built with American hardwoods including cherry, maple, walnut, white oak and ash, all of which perform very well on the Janka Scale, a measure of wood’s hardness and resistance to wear. When you combine that with the strength of traditional joinery, a key feature highlighted in many original Chilton Furniture designs, as well as finishes to protect the wood from humidity, water damage, and more, the durability of handcrafted wood furniture cannot be beat. This longevity brings a great value to your purchase.

Traditional finger joints on the Harbor Dining Table.

Traditional finger joints on the Harbor Table, among the most secure joints in woodworking, provide both additional strength and elegance.

3. Easy Maintenance

No exceptional upkeep is required to make wood furniture last years. Wood furniture finished with surface finishes, like the lacquer and conversion varnishes Chilton Furniture uses, are specifically low maintenance. Simply dust and wipe with a damp cloth periodically to maintain the original luster, and refer to our furniture care page for more. 

4. Easy Repair or Repurpose

An additional benefit of wood furniture is its ability to be reworked, updated, and upgraded. You can live with wood furniture without worries about permanent damage. Small scratches and dents can easily be sanded or steamed out for a simple refresh. Or after years of heavy use from the family - meals, arts and crafts, pets scratches - wood furniture can be completely refinished and restored to fit the needs of today. We’ve all seen the DIYers that breathe new life into a seemingly drab old table simply by adding a coat of paint or sanding and refinishing. 

After years of wear and tear, these table tops look new again with a simple refinish.

5. Sustainability

You can rest easy knowing your handcrafted wood furniture will have a minimal impact on the environment. The enduring properties of wood furniture listed above prevent sending unnecessary waste to the landfill.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing furniture. We believe handcrafted wood furniture to be the best value, because not only are you purchasing a beautiful, sustainably built item, but its presence will last your lifetime and the next. View our handcrafted hardwood bedroom, dining room, living room and office furniture here

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  • peg hoskin

    Your work is impeccable. I wish you were closer to the Chicago area. Nothing like you here! I would love to know more details of your sanding – grit of paper, type of polyurethane you used, temperature at which you did the work indoors etc. I love getting your catalogue – every page is beauty and wood and more beauty. Thank you for such sustainability and execution of incredible, thoughtful, talented workmanship!

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