Featured in Dwell+, Bedroom Pieces from Chilton Furniture Accentuate this Florida Lighthouse Replica

"Maine is a sourcing mecca," says William. 

Pieces including the Dune Bed, Mysa Nightstand, Burnette Bed and MS1 Shaker Dresser now accentuate the redesign of Katie's Light, a historic coastal Florida home with memories living in every structural pile and piece of salvaged original millwork. William Kaner and Beth Anne Caples of Irwin Garden featured many Maine businesses including lighting from Portland Architectural Salvage and bedding from Evangeline Linens

Chilton Furniture's Dune Bed and Mysa Nightstand

"With new resorts and modern digs hugging its shoreline, Fernandina Beach, Florida, doesn't look like it used to. That is, until you cross paths with Katie’s Light, a replica of Maryland’s Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse that’s tucked quaintly into the dunes. "Most people are looking to modernize," says William Kaner, who undertook the home's renovation with his wife, Beth Anne Caples. "We did exactly the opposite. We wanted the house to feel as authentic as the historic lighthouse it was inspired by."

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Interior Design:  Irwin Garden
Photography: William Kaner
Architect: Robert Broadfoot
Builder: Zach Lowe of EK&B
Author: Heather O'Day

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